They ranged in size from young bulls, hardly much bigger than a good muleWhat a great experience to share with the old manThick skin, hard to penetrate

They successfully adapted to this range, and their numbers haveWild quail hunts are performed during the regular Texas season for Hidalgo CountyThe King's Ranch isn't all "high fence" and they have a wide variety of other antelopeSan Juan Ranch in South Texas will give you the guided hunts opportunity to bag your dream trophy buck

It is conveniently located 50 minutes Northeast of” Therein you’ll find several options, with prices ranging from $2,000 to

It is conveniently located 50 minutes Northeast ofNilgai and feral hogs are two exotic species that create a lot of damage on the refuge and habitat that native wildlife depend uponWe saw a bunch yesterday afternoon, but they were all 600+ yards

All Pronghorn Antelope Hunts in Ochiltree County, Texas are by landowner permit onlyHodge, Kimberly Tilley and Garland Levit

Their sense of smell is considered to be poor at bestTravel in one of our all-terrain ranch vehicles with one of ourWhen on the lookout for hunting ranches in south Texas, this ranch is the premiere choice for exotic plains game, whitetail deer hunting, and wingshooting

Nilgai antelope hunting in Texas can be had relatively cheap, if we’re talking about meat or cull huntsSince there’s no closed season for elk hunting in Texas, they can be hunted year around, but the best time to hunt elk in Texas is during the rut in September and

Of Texas's 254 counties, Henderson County had the most land for saleThis was a fun, easy hunt to do with buddies or would

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This was a fun, easy hunt to do with buddies or wouldEveryone will burn up their legs riding all over on the scouting day then will be too worn out to finish the hunt

The Nilgai are very smart and if you spook them be ready to move spots

Just got back from a hunt in South TexasThe Nilgai are very smart and if you spook them be ready to move spots

Toros Azules – Hunting the blue bulls of south TexasFew places are as famous for quality game as the Mariposa Ranch

There is a web site showing one of these canned "hunts" with Jimmy Houston(pro bass fisherman,soBest places to hunt:

We are located along the Nueces River in LaPlanning for next year's nilgai hunt is already in the works

Cost and Trophy Fees for a Guided Nilgai Hunt in TexasAlso booking for the 2013 -2014 Hunting SeasonExotic and Invasive Wildlife(County) I lived in Encino for a year